Brilliant successes achieved in the course of creating the Mallima speed and the prospect of engineering insurance (part 1)

Recently according to the five-year strategy for the national economic development, a solid foundation is being laid for the sustainable development of the country\'s economy as the Mallima speed (the speed of a legendary horse running ten thousand ri or 4 000km at one gallop) is created and individuals and units exemplary in creating the speed are being born one after another in the dynamic struggle for reenergizing the overall national economy and putting all the sectors of the national economy on a high level of Juche-oriented, modern, IT and scientific footing.

Upholding the banner of the spirit of self-reliance and self-development and science and technology, many factories and enterprises have introduced the integrated manufacturing system and automated control system, accomplishing the modernization of production and IT-based management. They have renovated their production lines with the latest technology and are realizing the integration of science and technology with production.

Introduction of integrated manufacturing system to greenhouse farming

Asepsis production lines at the Ryongaksan Soap Factory in Pyongyang 

And all factories and enterprises are attaching primary importance to improving the skills and performance of their engineers and workers and are taking preventive measures for minimizing breakdown of machinery, not only leading to the remarkable decrease of loss ratio in our machinery breakdown insurance but also exerting a positive influence on our engineering insurance as a whole.

In addition, in accordance with the policy and thanks to the concern of the government that gives top priority to the key sectors such as the metallurgical and electric-power industries, an oxygen-blast furnace of our own style has been successfully built in the Kim Chaek Iron and Steel Complex and is under normal operation. And the thermal and hydro power stations across the country are maximizing the efficiency and capacity of their generators on the stable footing. The country is directing a great deal of efforts into building more hydropower stations.

Production of steel and iron by an oxygen-blast furnace at the Kim Chaek Iron and Steel Complex

Kumyagang Power Station built in South Hamgyong Province to meet the local needs for electric power 

All this demands that we further improve the quality and level of our engineering businesses such as risk management, etc.

To meet this demand, we will improve the underwriters’ qualifications, achieve the professional risk management of the insured property on a high level, introduce new business categories and provide a quick and accurate response to the loss occurrence for our clients’ safe and stable business management and their normal production and construction on a high standard, thus contributing to the development of our national economy.