In recent years nationwide efforts to open up a new history of “Golden Sea” were channeled into the development of fishery in our country, which gave birth to a “SPECTACULAR SCENERY OF A GOOD CATCH OF FISH”, and this extraordinary view is invoking the public interest.

In a hearty response to the party’s call for substantial improvement in people’s livelihood, the fishery sector has brought about a great success in modernizing fishing vessels, their equipment and fishing implements and in ensuring their safe navigation.

Fishery enterprises across the country have been vigorously pushing ahead with their plans to update their every fishing vessel, which is a key to success in opening up a new history of “Golden Sea”, with the latest technologies.

As a result, a lot of fishing vessels have undergone a remarkable development and their levels of navigation and technical equipment have been much updated. Such consequences have given a good influence not only to the fishing output but also to the safe navigation of fishing vessels by preventing marine accidents in advance.

The fishing output of 2015 alone marked an unprecedented increase, breaking the best record ever whereas no major marine losses were reported.

It is thanks to the national campaign for putting production lines and business administrations on IT and scientific footing as required by the era of the knowledge-based economy that such the marine management systems as weather forecast system, navigation command system, labour protection & management system, facility-electricity supervision system and ship repair control system have been perfectly established on the basis of the latest science and technology.

Under the circumstances of an increase in sailing days and brisk fishing despite of severe winter conditions, the fishery enterprises are paying due attention to crew’s enhancement of technical abilities and full knowledge of every regulation relevant to the safe navigation, to ensure that they can cope well with whatever unexpected situation.

Our marine insurance, which provides covers with many fishing vessels, has benefited substantially from every success achieved and strenuous effort directed by the fishery sector, in unfolding a new history of “Golden Sea”, to effect qualitative and comprehensive improvement in the technical conditions of fishing vessels, in the management and supervision systems, in the skills and performance of crew and in strict abidance by rules and regulations relative to the safe navigation, so that they do exert positive influence on our underwriting records on the whole.