Annual conference of provincial KNIC branches held

The annual conference of provincial branches of Korea National Insurance Corporation was held in Wonsan, Kangwon Province, DPRK on February 24th and 25th, Juche105(2016).
It was attended by 40 representatives including head-office officials concerned and branch managers from every province in the country.
Its agenda involved review of last year’s insurance operations conducted by the provincial branches.
Full appreciation was expressed in the conference for the efforts of the branch offices including the ones in Pyongyang, North Hamgyong, South Pyongan and Jagang Provinces, all of which, last year, paid great contribution to the development of the national economy and the improvement of people’s living standard by formulating effective operational policies and introducing every possible innovative insurance program leading to a rise in general premium income and to prompt and adequate indemnification of losses.
The participants discussed issues of further enhancing, this year, insurance activities of provincial KNIC branches upholding the slogan, saying “Serve the people!”, issued by the WPK.
Particular stress was laid on issues of revising the provisions and regulations in order to bring practical upgrade in sevices of every branch in every county and province in the country while placing great sentimental value on the patronage of the people.
Detailed discussion was held on measures to upgrade risk surveys and loss adjustments to a competence of higher levels.
Attention was also paid to plans for updating the existing applications software package for the use of county-level KNIC branches and for upkeeping the comprehensive computer network within the corporation.
There followed some orientation, in the course of which instruction in recent adjustments to insurance financial system was given.