Insurance Bussiness in economic development zone

Korea National Insurance Corporation, founded in Juche 36(1947), is a recognized insurer with over 70 years of healthy performance, which majors on life and non-life coverage in the territory of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea.
KNIC not only covers domestic market but also provides life and property insurance for foreign investors operating in the designated economic development zones of the country.
Such insurance services, not limited to obligatory Fire Insurance, Gas Liability, Motor Vehicle Third Party Liability and Contractor’s All Risk Liability, are offered in the form of various made-to-order products.
KNIC, while developing and introducing various insurance products to meet the increasing demands in the aforementioned zones and at the same time achieving steady improvement in modernization and utilization of IT, will promote the diversity of its coverage and ensure the promptness of the indemnification in line with the recent international insurance trends so as to further consolidate its position as a trusted and customer-friendly insurer to foreign clients.