Growth and Improvement of Fire Insurance Business amidst Fierce Flames for Creating the Korean Speed

Thanks to the wise leadership of the Respected Marshal Kim Jong Un, our motherland is seeing the rise of many monumental structures with magnificent figures amidst the fierce flames for creating the Korean Speed, which demonstrate the art of architecture efflorescing as the days go by.
With the new heyday of construction unfolded, so many monumental edifices as Masikryong Ski Resort, People’s Theatre, Mirim Riding Club, Yonphung Scientists Holiday Camp, Haedanghwa Service Complex, Terminal of Pyongyang International Airport, Breast Tumor Research Institute of Pyongyang Maternity Hospital, Okryu Children’s Hospital, Ryugyong Dental Hospital, Pyongyang Baby Home, Pyongyang Orphanage and Pyongyang Rest Home have been recently built to contribute to the improvement of cultural and emotional life and public welfare of the people, and the Mansudae Street and Jangchon area have turned into another socialist paradises belonging to the Workers’ Party era, in drastic contrast to their previous appearances.


All those structures which made their brilliant appearance as the eye-opening heyday of construction has ushered in, are the precious results brought about by the lofty politics of the Workers’ Party of Korea centred on the popular masses, which regard the people as the most valuable and dignified beings.

Pursuant to requirements of the seething era, the Korea National Insurance Corporation is pushing ahead the work to arrange the fire insurance cover on the subjects being newly rebuilt or expanded, while requiring the insureds to pay continuous attention to the risk management including the improvement of fire alarming and firefighting facilities.
The Insurance Corporation also engages the services of internationally recognized surveyors together with the local indecent surveyors and accordingly on-site risk surveys for the new Insureds are regularly organized in order to get acquainted with risk management.
The Korea National Insurance Corporation shall continue to keep on principle to thoroughly underwrite the insurance business in more selective way and to expand and develop the fire insurance business on sound basis.